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glume n : small dry membranous bract found in inflorescences of Gramineae and Cyperaceae

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The term comes from the Latin gluma, meaning "husk of grain". It can also be seen in the French verb, glubere meaning "to peel".


  1. a basal, membranous, outer sterile husk or bract in the flowers of grasses (Poaceae) and sedges (Cyperaceae)


  • Italian: gluma



  1. Plural of gluma

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Chaff ( or /tʃæf/, both to rhyme with "half") is a term from agriculture used for the inedible, dry, scaly protective casings of the seeds of cereal grain. Chaff is a byproduct of grain production and is often used as livestock fodder, ploughed into the soil, or burnt.


From Middle English chaf, from Old English ceaf; related to Old High German cheva meaning husk.
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